Can an Infrared Sauna Help Fight Cold Symptoms? Find Out Here!

If you’re feeling under the weather and struggling with common cold symptoms, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world experience colds every year, leading to headaches, coughs, congestion, and more. While there are various home remedies and treatments available, have you considered an infrared sauna?

Infrared saunas have gained popularity in recent years, thanks to their potential health benefits. From improving circulation to aiding digestion, these saunas are said to provide numerous physical and mental benefits. But can they do the same for cold symptoms?

In this article, we’ll explore the link between infrared saunas and cold symptoms, looking at what the research says and whether or not they can help alleviate your symptoms. So, curl up with a warm blanket, grab a cup of tea, and keep reading to find out if infrared saunas are a cold-fighting solution worth considering.

Understanding Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas use infrared heaters to emit infrared light experienced as radiant heat, which is absorbed by the surface of the skin. Unlike traditional saunas that use steam, infrared saunas operate at a lower temperature but still provide numerous benefits for users.

How do they work?

The infrared heaters warm your body directly without warming the air around you. This kind of heat penetrates the skin and helps increase blood flow, which can aid in the detoxification process by releasing toxins from your body through sweat.

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There are three types of infrared wavelengths that are commonly used in saunas: near, mid and far. Each type of wavelength has a specific benefit for the body. Near infrared is said to help with wound healing and cellular health, while mid infrared aids in pain relief and weight loss. Far infrared, the most commonly used wavelength in infrared saunas, helps with detoxification and relaxation.

What are the benefits?

Infrared sauna therapy has numerous benefits, including increased circulation, relaxation, pain relief, detoxification, skin purification, improved immune function, weight loss and improved cardiovascular health. It can also help with stress reduction and improve sleep quality.

Regular use of infrared saunas can help you achieve overall wellness and promote a healthier lifestyle.

The Benefits of Using an Infrared Sauna

Relaxation: Spending time in an infrared sauna can help to relax your muscles and relieve tension throughout your body. This relaxation can help to reduce stress levels and improve your overall well-being.

Detoxification: Infrared saunas can help to detoxify your body through the release of toxins through your sweat. This can help to improve your immune system and reduce the risk of illness.

Pain relief: Infrared sauna sessions can help to relieve pain throughout your body, including joint pain and muscle soreness. This is due to the penetration of heat into your muscles, which can help to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow.

Skin rejuvenation: The heat from infrared saunas can help to improve your skin by increasing blood flow and promoting the production of collagen. This can help to reduce the signs of aging and improve your overall skin health.

  • Note: It is important to consult with your healthcare provider before using an infrared sauna, particularly if you have any underlying medical conditions or are pregnant.
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Research on Infrared Saunas and Cold Symptoms

While there is limited research specifically on the connection between infrared saunas and cold symptoms, studies have been conducted on the use of saunas in general for immune system support.

One study found that regular sauna use reduced the incidence of common colds and improved overall immune function in participants. Another study showed that sauna use resulted in increased white blood cell counts, which can help the body fight off infections and illnesses.

In addition to its potential immune-boosting benefits, infrared sauna use has also been studied for its ability to alleviate other cold symptoms such as congestion and nasal inflammation. One study found that infrared sauna use significantly improved nasal symptoms in participants with allergic rhinitis, a common condition that can cause cold-like symptoms such as a runny nose and congestion.

  • Regular sauna use may help support immune function
  • Sauna use has been shown to increase white blood cell counts
  • Infrared sauna use can alleviate nasal inflammation and congestion

While more research is needed on the specific use of infrared saunas for cold symptom relief, the evidence suggests that regular sauna use may help support overall immune function and alleviate some cold symptoms.

Precautions and Risks of Using an Infrared Sauna

While infrared saunas can provide numerous health benefits, there are some precautions and risks to consider before using one. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Dehydration: Sitting in a hot sauna can cause you to sweat profusely, leading to dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sauna session.
  • Overheating: Stay aware of your body temperature and limit your time in the sauna to prevent overheating, which can lead to dizziness, nausea, and even fainting.
  • Medical conditions: Depending on your health history, using an infrared sauna may not be recommended. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.
  • Skin sensitivities: The intense heat of an infrared sauna can cause skin irritation or dryness. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to limit your time in the sauna and moisturize after your session.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant women should not use an infrared sauna as it may be harmful to the developing fetus.
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Always use caution when using an infrared sauna and take breaks as needed. If you experience any discomfort or adverse reactions, exit the sauna immediately and seek medical attention if necessary.

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