What To Wear In Sauna

What to take with you to the sauna? This question arises in many people who are going to bathe for the first time. Beginners are interested in what clothes you might need, what things you can’t do without, and what additional accessories you need to take with you.

The pleasant warmth of the sauna.

In a Finnish sauna the air is dry, in a Russian sauna the air is humid. Saunas are heated from 40 to 110 degrees Celsius. The heating temperature in the bath is from 60 to 120 degrees Celsius (the optimum temperature in the bath is 60-90 degrees, maintained by a heater or stove). Just a few minutes after entering the steam room, the heart rate increases by 30 percent or more. The human body directs blood flow to the surface of the skin. The heat can be relaxing and pleasant, and it is recommended that you stay in the steam room for no more than 20 minutes per session. The optimal time for a single visit to the steam room is from 4 to 12 minutes. Skip the sauna if you feel unwell or uncomfortable during the steam sauna.

REMOVE JEWELRY before using the sauna. Remove all metal jewelry (gold, silver, etc.). Leftover jewelry and metal objects can become hot and cause burns.

List of necessary sauna accessories

Hygiene and additional accessories: I think everyone understands a comb.

Shaving accessories – and this is all clear. Pumice stone for heels – make your heels tender and soft, like babies. Manicure scissors – does not care for nails at all. A massage brush is a personal hygienic thing, for an amateur. Hairdryer – in many saunas it is already included in the service. A mitten made of wool or dense non-synthetic material is useful – a hot watering can or tub for pouring stones into steam rooms. Sponge or washcloth – it is worth using from a washcloth. Skin scrubs, creams and lotions – use as a scrub, only based on natural ingredients. Soap, shampoo, balm – they are necessary before visiting the sauna.

Sauna shoes

Take comfortable shoes with you to the sauna that do not slip on the tiles.

Take a hat with you to the sauna to protect your hair and head from overheating.

Sauna headwear

The hat must be of felt, felt, linen, cotton or wool; used to protect against overheating and overdrying of hair. A practical and comfortable headpiece is a must-have accessory for a bathing suit. Did you know that the Scandinavian peoples wear hats, so they protect the head from overheating, and the hair from excessive drying. A sauna hat is indispensable for girls and women who like to spend time in the steam room. The temperature in the steam room fluctuates by 8-10°C from bottom to top, from head to toe. The bath headdress protects the hair from high temperatures, makes it softer and more hydrated. If you forgot to take a bath cap, you can use: a towel, a T-shirt, a T-shirt, a sheet – any available clothes made from natural materials (cotton, linen, bamboo).

Take comfortable and comfortable clothes with you to the sauna.

Sauna clothes

If you are going to visit a bath or sauna, you can use a sheet as an outfit, which is easy to tie in different ways. This is not the best option, the sheet can untie without covering the desired part of the body. This impromptu outfit is uncomfortable and ugly, so it is better to buy bath clothes in advance.

Women’s sauna clothes

Women’s clothing for the sauna – swimsuit or sundress with Velcro. If you don’t like the idea of ​​going naked, put on a swimsuit. A swimsuit is a compromise between comfort and modesty. While a swimsuit is a practical solution, it can be hazardous to your health. Like any other synthetic fabric, it does not allow the skin to breathe. Not to mention the possibility of melting and releasing toxic chemicals and fumes at high temperatures. When choosing a swimsuit for a steam room, try to choose one without metal fasteners and jewelry that will heat up in the steam room. Metal jewelry and clasps can cause body burns. If possible, choose a loose swimsuit made from natural fibers. The most common materials for swimwear are: waffle, bamboo fiber or cotton, terry cloth.

Men’s sauna wear

The simplest option is ordinary underpants – boxers made of natural fiber, they resemble tight shorts. The second option is to wrap yourself in a regular bath towel. For real bath attendants, a bath kilt is an ideal choice. The bath kilt is a multifunctional towel with a special cut and an elastic band and a fastener. In the steam room, you can lie on it, wipe yourself after a shower, use it as a comfortable cape while relaxing. Kilt, designed for use in the sauna, will protect the skin from both hypothermia and overheating. The upper part of the towel has a wide elastic band and a Velcro fastener for convenient use while visiting the sauna or bath. The right kilt for baths and saunas is made of high quality linen.

Linen is a natural material, quite hard, hard, silky and quite thin to the touch. Valuable properties of linen fabric are high fiber strength, the ability to absorb moisture in conditions of increased air and heat permeability. 100% natural linen fabrics gently massage the skin and stimulate blood circulation. Has anti-allergic properties. Does not turn yellow with age and is twice as strong as cotton. The perfect combination of comfort, luxury and functionality.

Bathrobe, plus size T-shirt

If you don’t feel comfortable naked or in one of the swimsuits listed above, you can wear something comfortable in cotton. Leaving the steam room, taking a shower or swimming pool – you will have to put on a bathrobe that is pleasant to the touch. Wearing a bathrobe will give some coziness and comfort. A classic oversized t-shirt, loose cotton t-shirt and shorts are always a great choice for visiting the sauna. They will absorb excess heat and allow your skin to breathe freely. Always wear clean clothes, dress just before entering. Keep in mind that wearing such clothes does not mean that you should not take a towel with you to the sauna. Conversely, if you don’t need a towel to hide the causal spots, you can put it on a bench and sit on it. This way you will be protected from bacteria and will sit on a clean towel. A P: Do not use tight underwear, especially a bra.

Sauna amenities

You will need at least two towels. One of the benefits after a shower is to wipe yourself dry before leaving the bath or sauna. The second towel can be used as a bench pad in the steam room or wrapped around your waist. Finns believe that wrapping a towel around your waist is the only way to get the most out of your sauna experience. Whether you use a bathing suit or not, you will need a couple of towels in the sauna. Otherwise, you can wear a swimsuit and also use a soft towel to put it on the bench before you sit down. This will be enough to protect you from the germs on the bench, and the bench from your sweat and the spread of bacteria. T IP: Use a cotton towel. This material will completely absorb your sweat and help you feel comfortable.

Sauna sheet

A bath sheet will replace your towel, bath skirt, padding on a bench in a bathhouse or a bench in a banquet hall. Either way, take it with you. If you do not personally need it, give it to one of your friends who forgot his sauna suit.

Sauna broom

Birch broom. Birch leaves are good for post-workout massage. Birch broom accelerates wound healing and is an exceptional remedy for patients with bronchitis. Oak broom. Good for blood pressure. Recommended for those whose skin sweats more than usual. Eucalyptus broom. Popular in the south of Russia. Good for those who suffer from runny nose and sore throat.

Take essential oil and a porcelain saucer with you to the hospital. Pour some water into a saucer and add a few drops of oil. Mix and put in the steam room.

Essential oils.

Find your essential oil. Aromatherapy oils such as eucalyptus, pine, citrus, lavender or peppermint can add an extra dimension to your sauna.

Eucalyptus has a sweet aroma and healing properties. Eucalyptus oil is known to relieve muscle pain and often help with some breathing problems. This essential oil also helps clear the sinuses.

The smell of pine is a great way to fill the sauna with the smell of nature. For sauna aromatherapy, use pine essential oil by sprinkling it on the sauna stones to evoke a woody scent known for its healing properties. Birch essential oil is traditionally used in Finnish saunas. The oil has a minty, medicinal smell and is associated with the relief of various diseases and pains. Many sauna experts recommend birch oil as a favorite among others – it also has a disinfecting and detoxifying effect in the sauna.

Citrus. Citrus essential oil is ideal for awakening the senses. Like citrus juices, essential oil helps relieve pain. Citrus fruits are also known for their disinfectant properties when sprayed in and around the sauna.

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Peppermint essential oil – often helps with various muscle pains. Peppermint is known to reduce joint pain by targeting areas of inflammation. Peppermint is also ideal for treating indigestion, so you can drink peppermint tea in the sauna.

Take an ordinary loofah washcloth to the sauna.

Loofah washcloths

To remove dry, dead skin during a visit to the sauna, some people use a washcloth. It’s good for your skin. Using a loofah washcloth in a private sauna is fine, but in a public sauna it is impolite to other members.

Make your own skin scrub using ordinary coffee beans, honey and sour cream.

Skin scrubs, Creams and lotions.

The use of creams and lotions is undesirable and harmful for bath procedures (the reason is described below, in the section “Soap, shampoo, balm”). Use only those creams and lotions that are based on skin scrubs. You can make your own skin scrub with coffee, sour cream and honey.

Soap, shampoo, balm.

Use these products to cleanse your skin before visiting the sauna. After the sauna, it is recommended to take a warm shower. Why can’t you use soap and shampoo after a bath or sauna? – At high temperatures, the skin releases sweat, as a result of which the pores of the skin open and cleanse. And when using soap and body lotions, you clog these pores with cosmetics – nullifying all the efforts of the body and the effect of a sauna or bath. Now decide for yourself whether to use them or not.

Bath and sauna shoes are the most important accessory on which a safe and comfortable visit to the bath depends. Many people prefer to go to the sauna without shoes at all, and this is the very first violation for any visitor to the bath. Almost all people go without shoes, which is a pity – this is a violation of hygiene rules. Anyone who goes to the steam room and does not wear slippers runs the risk of contracting a fungus, getting burns, and in general a bath is the most favorable environment for the spread of various infections.

In general, our task is to convey to people that going to the bathhouse should be as safe and comfortable as possible. What would a trip to the steam room leave the most pleasant impressions, memories. To do this, you need to take care of all the necessary accessories. It is these important little things that can paint the steam room with new colors.

Among all bathing accessories, the most important place is occupied by shoes intended for swimming. Many people, as mentioned earlier, do not go to the bath without shoes at all, and this is very dangerous. This is especially true for rural baths. But getting a burn of the legs in this situation is elementary simple. Well, it’s up to you to walk in shoes or not to walk. As they say, to each his own. But we will now tell you why this should be done and give some advice, especially to those who go to a public bath.

A few tips on why to take slippers

Firstly, there are a lot of rooms in public baths, and even if you take your own, tiles are laid on the floor. So, as we know, the tiles are quite cold, and secondly, where they wash with various shampoos, soap, water constantly flows, it is not at all safe to walk on a wet surface with bare feet. Moreover, a fall on a tile is not a fall on a soft sofa. Here you can break anything for yourself, and it is even possible that you can get a terrible head injury, and this is no longer serious. I no longer want to talk about what a fall in the steam room can lead to. So think about whether you should not take slippers to the bath at all.

Second. In all public baths, it is quite humid and warm, which means that these are very favorable conditions for the development of the fungus. Hardly anyone wants to contract this nasty foot disease. And in such an environment it is really easy to pick up.

Thirdly, in many baths it is very hot to walk barefoot in the steam room. And shoes still need to be reliably protected from burns. And for this you need to grab yourself a pair of slippers. Let’s see, we’ll figure out which slippers are better to choose.

Slippers to choose from

The very first rule when choosing your own shoes is this: the sole must have good grip on wood, tiles, otherwise such shoes will not work in the bath. Unfortunately, many sellers offer their customers plastic slippers. But none of the buyers pays attention to the fact that it is plastic slippers that will be the most slippery on tiles. They really glide like skis on snow. But here it is best to choose rubber slippers. They have a lot more grip than the plastic ones. And the choice of rubber slippers is quite wide. In any store of industrial goods, you can find something suitable for yourself. Today the choice is simply wide.

One simple piece of advice. Try to pick up something that will more or less slip on tiles, wet floors. But if there is nothing like rubber, then it is better to find it in any other place, but still you will find what you wanted to find. The most important thing is to choose shoes not for beauty, but for the quality of the sole, for its composition.

The best choice is closed rubber slippers

Many sauna lovers believe that the open version of slippers is quite convenient. Agree. But in the bath it is best to take slippers of a closed type. It’s more or less safe. Just if the heel and toe are closed, then the likelihood of infection with a fungus is reduced to zero. If you can wear such shoes on your feet, you have little to no worries about your feet. They are at least protected from fungal infection. But why is it that in open socks and high heels the probability of contracting a fungus is huge? It’s very simple, infection with a fungus can only occur through an open heel or toe.

Buying shoes by size

It is also worth observing another equally important rule. You just need to buy shoes of the right size. In no case should you take slippers one or two sizes longer. After all, it is very easy to get confused in such slippers. They will be like biathlete skis to you. It’s easy enough to step on your slippers. After all, the part that protrudes from under our feet, we do not feel, and therefore do not control. And now we can draw the sad conclusion that falling is much easier than even walking barefoot. But very small slippers are also bad. They just reduce your stability.

As for the color shade, it is not very important what you choose for yourself. Whatever you like, take it. Once again, the most important thing is the quality of the sole. For example, to cheer up, you can choose something brighter. But the main thing is that you feel confident in your appearance. But if it happens that there are some slippers to choose from, in which you really like the color, but the sole is not of very good quality. But for other slippers, the color is not very to your liking, but the quality of the sole is good, it is better to trust the second option, because the color is not the most important thing. The main thing is how you will stand on the floor. After all, health and safety mean much more to you than looks.

In principle, such a rule must be followed not only when choosing shoes for a bath, but also in general any bath accessory. The main quality, not color. Although in our time it is a shame to complain that I did not find a suitable color or quality for myself. Today, the stores have everything your heart desires. After all, safety for health and common sense are the key to a joyful trip to the bathhouse.

Open slippers with plastic soles for the sauna are not very comfortable

How to properly dress for the sauna

Before you go to the steam room with a guy, a girl or with friends, you need to know what is better to wear and not harm your health. The bath has its own dress code, which is desirable to adhere to. Despite this, being in the company of a beloved man and girl, close friends, you can enjoy nudity. The choice of bath attributes is very diverse: towels, combs, slippers, hats and more. The main rules are cosiness, practicality, comfort. In the sauna, you can not do without a wide towel, which will act as a barrier and basic clothing that protects against bacteria. It is interesting that many young ladies wear bathing suits in the bath and sauna. This is not a bad choice, but according to doctors it is very harmful. If there is no swimsuit, a bath towel will help the girl.

Universal combo for sauna

  • Headdress – hat. It performs an important function – it protects the hair from overdrying, and the head – from overheating. Woolen fabric – felt, felt is used as the main material.
  • Slippers. The fungus lives in a humid environment, they can become infected by contact with the floor, gratings, benches. Ordinary rubber slippers will help protect yourself from problems. In addition, they will help to avoid slipping, increase the grip force with the surface. It is desirable that the sole on the shoes be embossed.
  • Robe. You will need it at the exit from the steam room. This is the best alternative to a heated towel rail. Kimono is used as the standard cut for this garment. Buttons and zippers are replaced by a belt, wide sleeves are observed. Instead of a collar, a deep hood.

Swimming trunks, bathing suit will be needed if there is a pool. It is not advisable to wear these accessories in a common room. This is due to the fact that synthetic materials do not allow air to pass through and do not absorb sweat, which can lead to the development of severe irritation and allergies.

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Contact lenses deserve special attention. Professional ophthalmologists do not advise wearing them in the bath, because they can dry out and deform under the influence of high temperature. If a person has serious vision problems, you can use disposable lenses. They can be put on before visiting the steam room, swimming pool, and discarded at the end of the holiday. Knowing what to wear to the bath, it is possible to avoid many health problems.

How to choose the right swimwear

Sauna is a place of power! Here they rest, restore health and, of course, meet friends. To make going to the bathhouse pleasant, you need to think in advance what to take with you to this special place and what to wear.

In general, the main recommendation for choosing clothes for a sauna is the same: such clothes should be made exclusively from natural fabrics, since synthetics at high temperatures disrupt the normal thermoregulation of the body and can cause an allergic reaction. and even a burn. The sauna is not a place for experiments with endurance and certainly not made for extreme sports, take care!

After leaving the sauna, you will need a comfortable, high-quality bathrobe so as not to overcool and feel comfortable. The dressing gown should have a free cut, wide sleeves and be tied at the waist, which allows you to relax as much as possible after all procedures. When choosing the color of a bathrobe, you need to be sure that it will not shed in a hot, humid environment. It is better, of course, to choose a trusted manufacturer, but if you want to save money, take a neutral color.

Terry or waffle – that is the question. Both options are good because cotton perfectly absorbs moisture, gently warming the body. If you dare to try the noble Arabian tradition of bathing in a bathrobe, of course, it is better to choose a thinner waffle or bamboo bathrobe.


Headgear in the sauna is necessary to protect the head from overheating, otherwise the sauna visit is meaningless – you simply won’t be able to stay there for a long time. A women’s headdress, in addition to the head, also protects the hair, since high temperatures act unfavorably on them – the hair becomes brittle and dry. The cut of women’s hats is not loose, like classic ones, but resembles a turban, so that the hairstyle can be easily hidden under an elastic band.

It is a mistake to believe that a wet hat protects your head better than a dry one, especially if you soak it in cold water – this is not true! On the contrary, the water heats the fabric very quickly, and the head runs the risk of turning into a baked tomato.


Although some nations go naked in the sauna is the norm, in our country this tradition has not taken root. A swimsuit and swimming trunks are a bad option, because they are synthetics, and metal elements can even burn when heated. Many use a towel as clothing, which, in principle, is correct, but not very convenient, since you have to constantly adjust and hold it.

From the same terry there are special clothes – sundresses for women and skirts (kilts) for men. Cotton allows air to pass through, absorbs moisture and removes excess heat from the body, the main thing is not to wet these clothes in water.

Slippers not only protect feet from fungus, but also provide safety: on a slippery wet floor, you can fall and injure yourself. The soles of sauna shoes should be embossed and non-slip. The body is more pleasant if the top of the slippers is also terry – there is a large selection of such products.

We wish you a pleasant stay, cold water and thick steam!

Rest in the bath is a real relaxation and recovery. It is also a great opportunity to meet up with friends. In any case, the steam room is a place where people get the most positive emotions. Therefore, today it is very fashionable to give bath sets to women and men for the holidays. In them, the manufacturer puts all the accessories necessary for a good rest in the sauna: from a hat to slippers.

How to choose such a set for a man or choose a stylish female version for a bath as a gift for a girlfriend, wife or relative, they know in the Edem-Textile online store.

Criteria for choosing a quality sauna set

Usually a complete bath set consists of three elements: slippers, a hat and a bathrobe. But the options are different. Some manufacturers complement the three-piece set with another towel. There are suggestions with mittens or even with a broom. But in each of these cases, key attention is paid to the characteristics of the material and design features.

How to buy a good women’s or men’s sauna set?

Pay attention to the material. Such products are sewn from

Microfiber. This is a material that dries quickly, does not shed and warms well. Also, this fabric does not roll down and does not cause allergies. And what is very important – it absorbs moisture well.
Terry material – most of the proposals are made on the basis of natural cotton. Such products are hygroscopic and pleasant to the touch. And they perfectly retain heat and give maximum comfort to their owner. The material is dense and wear-resistant, so it lasts for more than one year.
Waffle fabric, which consists of natural fibers and absorbs moisture better than all materials. In addition, waffle products are lighter and thinner, which is especially appreciated by lovers of light bath textiles. Also waffle sets for men and women for baths and saunas are soft, delicate to the touch and environmentally friendly. Suitable for visiting the steam room in the warm season.

Select the set according to the size

So that the dressing gown sits beautifully, and the towel is well fixed, and the hat fully fulfills its protective functions.

Remember your comfort.

If you like a soft terry turban, then it is better not to buy a set with a felt headdress. If you prefer to swim wrapped in a towel, it is better to choose the option with a sundress, and not with a bathrobe. A variety of offers allows you to find the most comfortable style and in your favorite color.

Combination of style and quality

Women’s sets are not only high-quality textile solutions, but also an interesting design. After all, a woman always remains a woman – in the bath or at a party. In the assortment of any sauna-related online store you can order a beautiful women’s bath set from different materials and in different designs.

  • Sets of sundress-towel with elastic, as well as soft turban and headband. By the way, women’s sundresses are a great alternative to a bathrobe. They are more convenient and comfortable to use.
  • Three sets of sundress, turban and slippers.
  • Comes with two towels and head protection accessories.

All models are made in a very interesting design. And it’s not just delicious bright colors. But also stylish details, such as embroidery of a cat’s face or playful ears of a hare. You can also order laconic styles with openwork embroidery on the sundress pocket or in a plain style with terry embossing.

Men’s sets and their features

Men’s sets are more restrained both in design and in shades. But that doesn’t make it any less stylish. You can purchase three-piece sets with slippers, a kilt and an extra towel. These are universal and most popular sets among the stronger sex.

Bath sets are also available for men and boys in a variety of designs. There are both models with embroidery, proposals in rich colors, and sets of contrasting shades for a spectacular masculine look.

Men’s proposals are made of terry, waffle and microfiber. What material to prefer is up to you.

Sauna set as a gift

Finally, we recommend that you consider ordering a bath and sauna set as a gift. Such a present will be appreciated by a person who likes to visit the steam room.

Moreover, any of the sets, most of which are already packed in gift boxes, can also be supplemented with your own elements. Here are some bath set gift ideas for a woman or a man:

  • If you ordered a set without a hat, choose it additionally. You can find both playful felt patterns and concise felt designs.
  • Decorate a terry women’s bath set or a set of creams and lotions for hands and body with aromatic oils.
  • Put the same colored and natural handmade soap in a bright bath set – the gift will definitely be exclusive and practical.
  • If you don’t have special shoes in your kit, you can find interesting models in the style of terry boots or with delightful decorative pompoms. The presentation will be very atmospheric and unique.
  • Put a broom in an elite stylish sauna set.
  • Surprise the addressee not only with a cool and high-quality bath set, but also with a gift certificate for spa treatments or other services in a beauty salon. As an extension of wellness pleasure.
  • Choose two sets of harmonious shades for him and her at once – and present an atmospheric gift to friends or parents on a wedding anniversary, housewarming.

You can also include spare caps with slogans, personalized towels and even rugs that will come in handy in the steam room.

The main thing when choosing such kits is to trust the manufacturer and indicate the dimensions of all elements. Buy a really practical and durable bath set for a close woman or a dear man.

Contact our online store Edem-textile. Here you will find a wide range of accessories for the steam room, both individually and in sets. We also have a large selection of bathrobes and playful sauna felt hats. So that you can collect your gift set in one place at the best price with convenient delivery throughout Ukraine.

Choose a sauna set

For an ignorant citizen, the process of visiting a bath is as follows: he went in, undressed, washed, sat in the steam room, drank kvass in the rest room, washed again, dressed, left. For those who know, going to the steam room is a real sacrament, the preparation and direct implementation of which requires taking into account many important nuances and trifles. At the same time, the order of visiting the Russian bath, Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam and Japanese ofuro (the most popular types of baths) will vary somewhat, and in some cases very significantly. Below you can find information about all the features of the event in question. And about how the bath differs from the sauna, we told in addition.

  • Indications and contraindications for visiting the bathhouse
  • From Russia to Finland, Turkey and Japan: features of existing types of baths
  • What to take with you to the bath?
  • Safety precautions, or what to do in the bath is not recommended
  • If the bath is spoiled
  • How to go to the sauna: a description of the process and important notes
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Indications and contraindications for visiting the sauna

The study of the sacrament of bath procedures should begin with consideration of information about the possibility of visiting the steam room and the absence of it among representatives of certain categories of citizens. It all comes down to the peculiarities of the temperature and humidity regime in the steam room, which under normal conditions only benefit a person, providing a complex positive effect, but in the presence of certain ailments, they can provoke serious complications.

Indications and contraindications for visiting the sauna

The main recommendation: if you are sick or not sure about the strength of your body as a whole, before visiting any bath, first talk to your doctor.

Surprisingly, even people suffering from organic heart diseases are not forbidden to go to the steam room, provided there is no active inflammatory phase. Along with this, patients with heart failure should refrain from visiting the bath. As for other common cardiovascular diseases, patients with ischemia in the absence of angina attacks can go to the bath (if the doctor allows). It is not forbidden to do this for people who have had a myocardial infarction. At the same time, the main thing is that at least 6 months have passed after a heart attack, and there are no direct contraindications, the presence / absence of which can only be judged by the attending physician.

A visit to the Russian bath is contraindicated in a number of diseases

A visit to the sauna will be useful for allergy sufferers and patients with diseases of the upper respiratory tract (bronchitis, laryngitis, etc.). People with chronic lung diseases and patients who have had pneumonia should also go to the bath, again, in the absence of medical contraindications.

It is not forbidden to go to the steam room for those who have some diseases of the nervous system. Doctors often recommend good steam to patients with pain in the spinal roots, mild paralysis, muscle hypertonicity, neuroses, etc.

It has been established that the bath effectively helps to fight sleep disorders and childhood enuresis, allows you to recover faster after surgical treatment, various injuries, improve the condition in the presence of joint diseases, and it is easier to endure complications caused by problems with the digestive system.

Children will get rid of enuresis after visiting the sauna

Alternate exposure of the body to hot steam and cold water improves blood circulation, which is very useful in the presence of chronic diseases. In addition, various inflammatory components are actively removed from the body in the conditions of a bath. There is an activation and normalization of the work of almost all major organs and systems. It is for this reason that visiting the bath is often advised to women suffering from various kinds of dysfunctions, as well as to patients during and after menopause.

Important note! Doctors recommend citizens with chronic inflammation of the genitourinary system and hormonal insufficiency to give preference to dry steam, i.е. sauna, and not a traditional Russian steam room or other types of baths.

Swimming is not forbidden even for pregnant women, if there are no complications and individual contraindications. One has only to remember the story: in Rus’, women traditionally gave birth in a heated steam room. Firstly, our ancestors firmly believed in the miraculous healing effect of steam, and secondly, the bath was then heated “blackly” and in those days this room was one of the most sterile among all available to a simple layman. Today, of course, almost no one decides on such extreme childbirth.

They say bath and pregnancy are incompatible? On the contrary, a bath during pregnancy is useful

Now about who should temporarily refrain from visiting the bath.

Do you have a fever? Has any chronic disease progressed into an active acute phase? Do not go to the steam room until you feel better.

In general, people suffering from thrombophlebitis, constant migraines, various kinds of cancer and other serious illnesses, in most cases, have to forget about the bath:

  • arterial hypertension in the stage;
  • acute myocardial infarction, thrombophlebitis with venous insufficiency, as well as any type of acute inflammatory diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • general atherosclerosis;
  • anorexia (specified separately);
  • acute inflammations, infectious diseases;
  • epilepsy in any stage and form;
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • other individual contraindications.

In general, a contraindication to visiting the steam room is any exacerbation of a disease.

Caution when visiting the bath should be observed by citizens prone to bleeding, suffering from hypertension and stages or heart failure, suffering from unstable angina. A sharp change in temperature is contraindicated for such patients, that is, even if the doctor allowed a visit to the steam room, it is definitely not worth jumping into a cold pool or snowdrift after it.

Don’t jump into the snow or cold water after a steam bath if you have health problems

Thus, if you are not completely sure about your health, before going to a steam room or even a Turkish bath with relatively gentle conditions, be sure to talk to your doctor. A qualified specialist will comprehensively assess your condition and give the most practical recommendations.

In the bath after 60 years only with the permission of a doctor

Helpful advice! If you have crossed the venerable age limit of 60 years and have never been in a bath before, it is better not to start. The only exceptions are citizens with excellent health who have received a “green light” from the doctor to visit the bath.

You can’t wash after a lot of drinking and a lot of food. Although many citizens cannot imagine their trip to the bathhouse without cold vodka or at least light beer, the use of such products is contraindicated – the load on the cardiovascular system will be abnormally high.

Features of existing types of Sauna

For a Russian person, a banya is a room with a high temperature and humid steam, for a Finnish resident it is the same, but without the latter. The Turks like to relax lying on heated “benches”, and the Japanese – sitting in a barrel of warm water (after that they usually lie down in a container with warm bulk materials). In the following table, you can get acquainted with the key features of each of the types of steam rooms mentioned.

What to take with you to the sauna?

In modern bath complexes you can buy/rent absolutely everything you need for a comfortable pastime. If you do not want to spend extra money or simply disdain to use the things offered by the complex, take everything you need with you.

The list includes the following accessories:

  • rubber slippers – it is better not to walk barefoot on a slippery wet floor, because you can fall. By the way, in the oriental hammam people traditionally go not in rubber slippers, but in shoes with wooden soles that protect the skin from high temperatures;
  • broom – taken at will;
  • sauna hat- protects against heat stroke and generally adds color. Suitable hats made of cotton, linen and natural wool. Synthetic products should be avoided;
  • mittens. They will be needed if you plan to “work with a broom.” Suitable products made of natural wool and tarpaulin;
  • bathrobe or sheet. In general, if you are not embarrassed to go naked and all your own, you can not take them;
  • bed linen. Spread out on a bench in the steam room – often the shelves are heated to such a state that it is very uncomfortable to sit / lie on them. Can be replaced with a sheet or towel;
  • skin and hair care products, washcloths, etc.;
  • clean linen/clothes;
  • aroma oils (optional). Use only products and formulations designed specifically for use in baths and saunas.

Safety measures, or what to do in the sauna is not recommended

So, you have arrived at the sauna. It doesn’t matter which one – the provisions of the technique of safe visiting remain the same for any type of steam room and therefore are given before information about the rules for visiting the bath. Violation of the above recommendations will play against you, and instead of benefit, pleasure and relaxation, you will get one harm, discomfort or, even worse, health problems.

If the sauna is spoiled

Before studying the features of visiting existing types of baths, it would not be superfluous to find out what to do if the bather suddenly became ill. The most common health problem in the bath is overheating. You can understand that a person is overheating by the following signs:

  • strong increase in heart rate;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • pain, feeling of pressure in the temples;
  • dizziness;
  • the appearance of ringing in the ears, characteristic “flies” before the eyes;
  • nausea.

With any of the above manifestations, you need to leave the steam room and try to recover in the rest room or any other cool room. If you do not feel better within a few minutes or if you feel worse, you should contact the administrator of the complex (probably he knows what to do and has the necessary medicines and first aid) or call a doctor yourself if it becomes clear that it is not possible to cope with the problem possible.


So, in this article we were able to consider which slippers are best to wear in the sauna. And from this we can draw a small conclusion. Take as much as possible of what will be comfortable, beautiful, and most importantly of high quality. Do not regret overpaying a penny, but take a really high-quality thing. Trust me, don’t overpay for slippers. If you take not the cheapest, but rather the most expensive. After all, quality is the key to good safety for human health.

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Sauna is a place where you can improve your own body, lose weight and improve your health. This is possible only if all the rules and recommendations are observed. To do this, you need to know what to wear in a sauna, what to take with you, how to behave in a company. As for the opinion of doctors, they forbid going to the sauna in clothes. Taking into account medical considerations, any towels, sheets, swimwear are incredibly harmful.

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