Sauna For Good Skin And Acne

Beautiful skin with sauna

Each of us wants to have smooth, even, healthy and beautiful skin. Especially women. Every woman has her own skin rejuvenation secrets. Not everyone shares their secrets. But there is one way, very simple and very effective. These are cosmetic procedures carried out in the bath.

Everyone knows how wonderfully sauna affects our body. Under the action of heat and steam, the pores of the skin are cleansed, and toxins and harmful substances are removed from the open pores. Some sauna procedures remove dead cells and stimulate metabolism. If you only go to the sauna to take a steam bath and wash, this is an excellent cosmetic procedure for our bodies. The effectiveness of this procedure will increase several times if you use special skin care products.

First of all, to create beautiful skin, you need to use scrubs. They help our skin become smooth and beautiful. All other cosmetic activities are carried out only after the scrub or after the bath. After steaming the skin in the bath and cleaning it with scrubs, we get the skin that will accept all creams and masks to the maximum. If you decide to use them before the steam room, the beneficial substances of the masks will drain from the skin along with sweat.

How to use the steam room correctly if you came to the bath for skin care? Get out of the steam room gradually. Go down from the top shelf to the bottom one and sit for two or three minutes. Now rinse with a little warm water and gradually lower the temperature of the water. Be sure to rinse in the shower after the steam room. All slags and toxins that have come out of the pores and remained on the skin should be washed off. Otherwise, they will be reabsorbed, and all your efforts will come to naught.

Skin care products depend on your desires and possibilities. But it is best to use cosmetics in the bath, which are based on essential oils. You can buy it and cook it yourself. Essential oils are very beneficial for the skin and the whole body. It is after the steam room, when the pores are cleansed and opened, that they penetrate deep inside.

Perfectly helps to give the skin elasticity and softness with a massage after the bath. In the steam room itself, bathe with a broom. Both massage and the use of a broom improve blood and lymph circulation. And the metabolism improves in all layers of the skin. If cellulite has appeared on your skin, regular visits to the bathhouse and anti-cellulite massage will significantly reduce its manifestations on the skin.

Learn the basic principles of massage and do it yourself. This is especially true for the face and neck area. When you wash off the mask and apply the cream, massage your face and neck yourself. By increasing the metabolism in the skin, the complexion will definitely improve.

But you should remember that there is one main secret of skin care. All procedures must be carried out regularly. You will not expect a good result if you go to the bath every few months. And if you go to the bath and steam at least once every two weeks, the effect will definitely be noticeable on the skin. And she will become truly beautiful and healthy.

If you have any health problems, you should consult your doctor whether you can visit the sauna and steam room.

The use of medicinal plants in the bath will only improve your condition in general and the condition of your skin in particular. A specially designed fit bath can be used at home. This is an ordinary mini-bath, which uses steam from medicinal plants.

A session in a phytobana up to twenty minutes is enough. Cosmetologists advise various body wraps after phytobana. Such procedures will quickly cleanse the skin, remove toxins from it, and even help you lose a few pounds. Such procedures are very useful against cellulite. The skin condition is noticeably improved. It becomes smooth and velvety.

The effect of sauna on the skin

Sauna, which has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body and the functioning of its internal systems, has a positive effect on the skin, cleansing it and rejuvenating it. Thanks to high-temperature and contrast procedures, peripheral blood circulation improves. There is an improvement in skin trophism, its functions are stimulated, including metabolic and immune ones. Bath procedures contribute to the removal of the dead layer of the epithelium, the removal of excretion products from the skin. We can say that the sauna improves the “well-being” of the skin.

It has been scientifically proven that a bath and a sauna have a positive effect on the activation of metabolic processes, regulate water-salt metabolism, and promote the formation of vitamins and tissue hormones. Thanks to bathing procedures, there is an increase in the flow of protective substances to the skin. In addition, the sauna regulates the immune processes in the body.

In people who regularly visit sauna, skin pigmentation improves, the skin acquires a healthy look. It is known even to non-specialists that the pinkish color of the skin is a sign of its well-being and health. This coloration of the skin gives a good blood supply. Thanks to the sauna, blood circulation is improved, and you can achieve a healthy look for your skin without visiting beauty salons.
Due to the temperature contrast, which is typical for bath procedures, blood flow to the skin is accelerated. The rush of blood improves skin respiration. In addition, elevated ambient temperature and accelerated blood flow cause a significant (2-3 times) increase in the rate of the metabolic process. As a result, positive phenomena occur in the body: pathological metabolites are actively excreted from it – through the kidneys and sweat glands. And in the liver they are detoxified. Inflammatory infiltrates resolve.

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When a person is in the steam room, there is profuse sweating, and then toxins are removed from the body. Due to the intensive process of sweating, the cells that make up the stratum corneum are hydrated. It is worth emphasizing that the air in the steam room is always sterile, since the temperature in the room is high. In this environment, microorganisms that are on the body die. In the sauna, the skin is cleansed due to the beneficial heat.
An important tool for influencing the skin is massage, which is performed using a broom. All massage movements produced by a broom: stroking, stretching, lashing, whipping, plowing, have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. Useful for the body and self-massage, performed with soap foam, washcloth.

Doctors recommend regularly visiting a bath or sauna in the treatment of many skin diseases. It has been proven that in combination with other methods of treatment, bath procedures can bring significant benefits. For example, with dermatosis, a visit to the steam room helps to eliminate itching. The reduction and disappearance of skin itching bring relief to the patient. A visit to the steam room entails a positive trend in the treatment of any dermatoses.
These diseases are characterized by impaired tone of the autonomic nervous system, water-electrolyte metabolism. Sauna has a positive effect on the elimination of these disorders. With dermatoses, there are violations of the process of chemical reactions occurring in cells. Regular bath procedures contribute to the normalization and restoration of these processes.

As you know, many dermatoses occur as a result of changes in the state of the internal environment of the human body, disorders of the nervous system. Thanks to bath procedures, the mechanisms of thermoregulation are trained. This helps to increase the body’s resistance to many diseases, including seasonal dermatoses, in which the condition worsens in winter, during the thaw period. The bath allows you to harden the body, increase the body’s resistance to acute respiratory infections and tonsillitis, and tonsillitis only exacerbates psoriasis.

Bath procedures are recommended for allergic diseases. Sauna has a positive effect on the successful treatment of eczema, urticaria, atopic dermatitis, furunculosis. It also helps to get rid of non-healing wounds after cosmetic surgeries. With the help of bath procedures, you can deal with residual effects after injuries. Baths and saunas are also important in terms of preventing skin diseases. A visit to the steam room has a cosmetic effect that cannot be achieved with the help of cosmetics. Pleasant skin color, elasticity and plasticity of the skin are the result of regular visits to the bath!

In winter, many people like to go to the sauna or bath, and women often have questions, is the sauna good for the skin? How to properly care for the skin before and after the bath? Is it possible to visit the sauna for people with sensitive skin and skin with rosacea?

I think everyone understands perfectly well that if there are any health problems, then before going to the sauna or bath, you need to consult a doctor – are such pleasures contraindicated in your situation.

But if everything is in order with your health, this article will help you figure out which sauna to choose in order to minimize harm and get the most beneficial effect for your facial skin.

  • Sauna benefits for the skin
  • Who should not visit the sauna
  • Yes, but be careful
  • Not all saunas are the same
  • Facial care before, during and after the sauna
  • Additional recommendations

Sauna benefits for skin

Is sauna good for skin? There is no single answer to this question, because saunas are different and the skin condition is also different. In general, visiting a sauna or steam bath is beneficial because the heat stress we are subjected to promotes blood flow to our skin.

As a result, tissue trophism improves, metabolic processes improve, pores open and cleanse, the skin is freed from dead cells and becomes more receptive to cosmetics.

Who should not visit the sauna

However, in some cases, visiting a sauna or bath is contraindicated, as it can worsen the condition of the skin. Namely, with exacerbation of acne or rosacea, with hypersensitive skin – for example, with sunburn or an allergic reaction.

Also, visiting the sauna is contraindicated after aggressive cosmetic procedures – after chemical peels, injections, laser resurfacing. In such cases, you need to check with the specialist who performed the procedure, during what period of time you are contraindicated in visiting the sauna.

And, of course, you should not visit the sauna if there are wounds, abrasions or fresh scars.

Anybody can visit sauna, but carefully

There are also people who can visit the sauna, but only carefully. These are the owners of dry skin. Such skin does not retain moisture well. And when visiting a sauna or bath, our body intensively loses water, which naturally contributes to dehydration of the skin.

Owners of sensitive skin and skin with rosacea should also be careful. If in this case it is unwise to go to the sauna, this can contribute to the deterioration of such skin, the appearance of redness, and even more so the development of rosacea.

Therefore, in such cases, the choice of a sauna should be treated very carefully, since not all saunas are equally beneficial for the skin.

Not all saunas are the same

You probably know that saunas and baths are different. For example, in the Kiev water park in the bath complex, I counted about 10 different saunas and baths. In addition to the Finnish, Russian, Turkish baths already familiar to us, I saw Egyptian, African and Indian baths there.

But the main characteristics of the sauna and bath, which can usually be seen before entering the steam room, are temperature and humidity. It is they that interest us the most, especially when it comes to the effect of a particular sauna on the skin. And I also want to tell you about the features of our most popular saunas and baths.

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Finnish sauna

One of the most common is the Finnish sauna. It is characterized by a rather high temperature, about 100 degrees and above, and relatively low humidity – about 10-15%.

Such a sauna is the most difficult for our skin to endure, because hot air causes a strong rush of blood, and low humidity causes intense loss of moisture.

A visit to such a sauna is undesirable for owners of dry skin, sensitive skin and skin with rosacea.

Russian bath

The Russian banya is characterized by a moderate, by the standards of a banya, temperature – about 70 degrees. And relatively normal humidity is about 60-70%. It would seem that such a bath should be easier to bear than a Finnish sauna, but this is not so.

The fact is that hot steam has a high thermal conductivity and the skin in such a bath also experiences quite a lot of stress. Therefore, such baths are also not recommended for people with thin, dry, sensitive skin and skin with rosacea.

Turkish bath and Roman bath

The Turkish bath and the Roman steam room are significantly different from the Finnish sauna and the Russian bath, first of all, by more comfortable temperature and high humidity.

The temperature in the Roman and Turkish baths does not exceed 50 degrees, as a rule it is 43-48 degrees and is tolerated quite comfortably. Humidity in a Turkish bath is usually 70-90%, and in a Roman steam room 100%.

Roman and Turkish baths differ from each other in quality and steam supply. But for our skin it doesn’t matter. Both baths are comfortable and do not dry the skin due to moderate temperature and high humidity.

Therefore, such a bath can be visited by both owners of dry skin and owners of sensitive skin and skin with rosacea. The only thing is that visiting the bath should be, of course, moderate.

Facial care before, during and after the sauna

Another important question that interests many women is how to care for the skin before, during and after visiting the sauna and bath. In this case, I would advise you to focus on how professionals in spa centers and bath complexes approach this issue.

If you pay attention to what procedures are offered in spa centers and bath complexes, you will notice that almost all procedures – body massage or body wrap – are offered after visiting the sauna or bath.

Directly in the bath itself, they offer either foam massage or body peeling. And such a procedure is carried out only in a comfortable bath, for example, Turkish, where the temperature is quite low and where you can stay for quite a long time, and not only lie down, but also work.

I advise you to adhere to the same recommendations when caring for your skin.

Before and during sauna visit

Before visiting the sauna, it is quite enough to simply cleanse the skin with foam or washing gel. Directly during a visit to the sauna or bath, I would advise you not to apply anything to your face. Because any cream or mask will interfere with normal sweating.

The exception is lip balm. Because the lips are very dry when visiting a sauna or a steam room, and before entering the bath, you can apply a thin layer of lip balm.

Facial peeling is also an exception. Naturally, it should be carried out only in a Turkish or Roman bath, where the air temperature is very comfortable. In this case, enzyme peeling is most suitable.

You probably know that enzymes are very fond of moisture and heat, and when you do an enzyme peel at home, it is recommended to cover your face with a warm, damp towel for 5 minutes.

In this case, you can not cover your face with a towel, but simply apply an enzyme peel on your face and go to a Roman or Turkish bath for 5 minutes. Then go out and rinse your face in the shower.

Facial care after sauna

Serum, mask or cream should be applied after visiting the sauna, after you have made the last entry. If possible, then of course it is best to make a moisturizing mask – it will quickly replenish the moisture deficiency in the skin. But if this is not possible, then you can simply apply a moisturizing serum or cream.

However, it must be remembered that in winter it is recommended to apply the cream 40-60 minutes before going outside. Therefore, I would advise you to apply the cream immediately after you have finished visiting the sauna and taking a shower. Then you will have enough time while you rest, drink tea and change clothes, so that at least 40 minutes pass before you go outside.

My favorites saunas for acne treatment

As for me, in winter I really like to visit a bath, but as the owner of sensitive skin and skin prone to rosacea, I certainly prefer either a Turkish bath or a Roman steam room. And even in this case, when visiting such gentle baths, I try to be very moderate.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give specific recommendations on how much time you need to spend in the steam room, what should be the intervals between visits so as not to harm the skin. Because all people are different, everyone’s skin is different, and therefore I can only advise you to listen to your feelings.

For example, if your skin becomes red like a tomato after being in a sauna and this redness lasts for a very long time, then of course this is not very good for your skin. Especially if your skin is sensitive and prone to rosacea. In this case, it is better to reduce the time spent in the sauna and increase the intervals between visits. And the number of visits, perhaps, should also be limited.

And if after visiting the sauna your skin turned pink, but calmed down after 10-15 minutes, then this is normal. You have found your regimen which you can adhere to, enjoy and benefit from.

Saunas and baths have been used in medicine and cosmetology for more than one century. Having taken a steam bath, a person usually feels younger and characterizes his condition with the stereotypical “like being born again!” And it’s not in vain. A steam bath is often used to solve some skin problems, such as getting rid of acne. The steam room has a positive effect on a healthy body, including speeding up metabolic processes. But in diseases, the consequences of this procedure are unexpected.

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How sauna affects the whole body and specifically the skin

It has been proven that the sauna is not as safe as it seems. It has a beneficial effect on a healthy person: it strengthens the immune system, trains blood vessels, removes toxins. But you need to visit the steam room for diseases, carefully weighing the state of the body, and sometimes even agreeing on a trip with a doctor.

The steam room is a catalyst for metabolic processes in the body, which is complemented by aromatherapy, all kinds of skin cleansing, tonic and immune-strengthening procedures. With the right approach, it is also a simulator for the cardiovascular system.

Increased temperature and humidity make organ systems work in forced mode. Blood quickly transports substances, pores open in the epidermis, sweat glands increase secretion. The excretory system begins to rapidly remove toxins from the body through the skin, increasing the load on them to the maximum.

Going to the bath, remember that it has the greatest effect on the heart, blood vessels and skin. The intensity of the procedures and the time spent in the steam room is important to calculate based on the state of these organs.

The effect of the sauna on a problem skin

If people suffering from pathologies of the cardiovascular system, visiting the steam room is categorically contraindicated, then for some skin diseases, bath procedures are useful.

Most dermatological problems are only an external reflection of the processes occurring inside the body. Therefore, when planning to use the bath as a remedy for acne, it is important to understand the reasons that caused their appearance, and the type of rash.

Acne occurs due to a number of factors that the bath does not affect at all. Among them:

  • Hormonal failures.
  • Problems with the digestive system.
  • Viral diseases.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Use of cosmetics of dubious quality or inappropriate skin type.

Therefore, you should not expect a miraculous effect in the treatment of acne after the bath. On the contrary, inflammatory processes on the epidermis after visiting the steam room are likely to bloom the next day in a lush color. Thus, the bath does not affect the source of the problem, and sometimes exacerbates its skin manifestations.

A different situation with black dots. To solve this issue, the steam room is the best suited. It still does not eliminate the root cause of the disease (if it is not a lack of hygiene), but it helps to quickly remove its skin manifestations. Due to increased sweating, the pores enlarged from high temperature are cleaned, washing out the “garbage” accumulated in them.

In inflammatory dermatological processes (including acne, blackheads, pimples), a bath is not considered a treatment, and sometimes even harmful. But to eliminate comedones, you can safely use a visit to the steam room.

How to clean pores in sauna

To effectively cleanse the pores in the steam room, you need to follow the rules that will help you achieve maximum efficiency and not aggravate the problem.

  • Before visiting the steam room, increase your water intake. This will speed up the elimination of toxins from sweat.
  • Do not immediately go to the steam room. First, take a warm shower, which will prepare the dermis for temperature exposure. Massage the body with a hard washcloth, removing the stratum corneum. Use soap or shower gel to cleanse the skin of external impurities, dust, germs.
  • In the steam room, place a personal, pre-washed and ironed towel or sheet on the shelves.
  • Limit your first visit to the steam room to a few minutes. This is an adaptation period that will help prepare the skin for further processing.
  • When the skin is covered with perspiration (which means the opening of the pores and the beginning of the process of their cleansing), rub the washcloth on problem areas. Such an impact contributes to a deeper purification than before in the soul.
  • End your first brief visit to the steam room with a shower to wash sweat mixed with contaminated sebum off your body. Drink water, swim in the pool.
  • The second entry can be increased in time. This time it would be appropriate to use gentle scrubs, gommage. Do not overdo it so as not to damage sensitive skin at this time.
  • At first, it is better to refrain from using a broom. With its help, it is possible to transfer pathogenic microbes from diseased areas to healthy ones. But in other cases, juniper broom is the prevention of inflammatory processes on the skin.

Regular visits to the bathhouse helps to cleanse the dermis from comedones, tones and trains it, improves complexion. After such procedures, the skin is more receptive to nourishing creams and masks.

Causes of skin problems after sauna

Sometimes, as a result of visiting the bath, previously clean skin suddenly becomes covered with pimples and blackheads. The following reasons for such a reaction were identified:

  • Use of other people’s hygiene items (washcloths, mittens, brooms).
  • The first visit to the sauna is stressful for the skin. Excess sebum, not properly eliminated, can clog pores again.
  • Activation of sluggish inflammatory processes as a result of an increase in temperature.

When visiting the bathhouse, strictly observe the rules of hygiene, use only personal towels and washcloths, thoroughly rinse off the remaining sweat under the shower. During an illness, a visit to the steam room can react with rashes as a result of the active removal of toxins through the skin.

The described causes cause a temporary effect, and therefore the fight against such acne is aimed at competent cleansing of the pores and does not require an integrated approach in the form of strict diets or drug treatment. High-quality hygiene, the use of peels and scrubs, the removal of spicy and fatty foods from the diet (to avoid exacerbation). The exception is acne that appeared as a result of the introduction of the virus from other people’s hygiene items.

A visit to the bath for people suffering from inflammatory rashes on the body and face is not indicated. An increase in the number of acne in this case indicates an increase in inflammatory processes. Treatment of such rashes requires identifying the source of the problem and eliminating it with medical methods.

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